GoPusher 2.0 - Self Hosted Push Notification Platform

Monetize your visitors with Web Push Notifications on your own terms

Main Features Overview

  1. Web Push Notifications using the VAPID method ( Without Firebase 👍 )
  2. Written on Golang (It's really fast 🔥), packed to Docker containers
  3. Unlimited subscribers; can handle large load while maintaining fast and efficient speeds
  4. Subscribers tracking by channels
  5. Completely self-hosted web application
  6. Buy Web Push Notification subscribers from third parties using your own rates
  7. Detailed statistics on publishers, sources, geo, and campaigns
  8. A/B testing for self-made creative sets and external DSPs
  9. Scheduler based on subscriber’s time zone
  10. Personalized Push Notifications based on geo & device data
  11. Rich push notification, Emoji support 👽 👍
  12. Rich targeting by geo, device type, platform, browser, browser language
  13. Unlimited number of sources on one platform
  14. Supports OpenRTB & OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads
  15. Supports most browsers, except Safari
  16. Option to buy a version with open source code


Affordable Pricing Plans



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